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Theatre Etiquette

A note on Theatre Etiquette from The ARTS Project

Please turn off all mobile devices before the show.

Please do not check text messages, email, play games or otherwise consult your phone or mobile device during a live theatre performance. A ringing cell phone or text messages during a live performance is highly disruptive and distracting to the actors on stage and to other patrons around you. We want everyone who comes to The ARTS Project theatre to have a rewarding, fun and entertaining experience so we ask that everyone please consider live theatre etiquette so that audiences and actors alike will have a great experience here!

If you arrive late, after the show has started, you will NOT be admitted to the theatre.

Because of the small, intimate nature of our theatre anyone coming in late after the show has started will disturb and disrupt the live performance, as well as other audience members watching the show, so we do not allow anyone to enter the theatre after the show has started. This is a standard policy at many theatre venues. This policy has NO EXCEPTIONS. If the show has an intermission you can be admitted at intermission. If there is no intermission we will do our best along with the producers of the show to reschedule you for another show if possible.

If you have to leave the theatre during a live performance due to coughing or for any reason you also will not be allowed re-entry to the theatre until intermission, if there is one.

Please note, there are no refunds on theatre tickets. Please arrive early. We thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

We do not have parking at our venue.

Please factor in some extra time to find parking to avoid arriving late. There is street parking along Dundas St., King St., Clarence St. and Queen’s Ave, street parking is free after 6pm. There is underground parking at The Market on King St. (between Talbot and Richmond Sts.) and an underground lot at Citi Plaza on King St. at Clarence and an above ground ImPark pay lot directly behind our building also at King and Clarence Sts. We thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

Map of downtown London, Ontario

Covent Garden Market Location, London, Ontario (Underground Parking Garage King just west of Richmond)

Citi Plaza Location, London, Ontario (Underground Parking Garage, King & Clarence)

ImPark above ground parking lot at King and Clarence (PLEASE NOTE KING STREET IS ONE WAY. you will need to approach this lot from WEST of Clarence St.) (Direct east lot beside Knight’s Inn)

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