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Miniature Gallery

Miniature Gallery

Led by Andy Spriet’s inspiration and generous donation, The ARTS Project presents the newest addition to the gallery space. Take advantage of this miniature gallery to display your art series for a month or more. Below outlines some criteria for this unique space.

Guidelines for Artwork

1. The gallery is meant for an art series; therefore, there must be a theme to the exhibit.

2. Depending on the sizes of the artwork, there is room for 10 to 20 pieces. Considering the gallery features miniature works, the outside dimensions of the pieces should be similar to create a visually appealing and uniform space. Furthermore, no art piece can be more than four inches thick.

3. Any artwork that does not meet the appropriate criteria will not be included in the exhibit.

Applicants must submit an exhibition package that includes:
– 5 – 10 images of their work on CD or as jpg or other image files
– artist biography
– artist statement
– written proposal that describes the work that will be shown

The exhibition package will be reviewed by The ARTS Project staff. The gallery is booked based on availability and at the discretion of the staff. Opening receptions may be wet or dry. If licensed, The ARTS Project will provide volunteer event and bar staff. All profits go to The ARTS Project. Food at the reception is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

At the time of booking all exhibitors are required to sign a contract and pay a booking deposit.

Exhibitors are encouraged to apply for exhibition assistance grants through the Canada and Ontario Arts Councils . The ARTS Project will promote the exhibition on its website and can assist and guide the artist with outside media and promotion. All associated promotion costs are the responsibility of the artist.

Installation of the art is to be done with the supervision of The ARTS Project staff. Exhibitors are not required to sit the space during their exhibition but if they wish are welcome to do so during regular gallery hours, Tuesday to Saturday 12noon – 5 pm.

For more information about availability and rental fees, you can contact us at (519) 642-2767 or