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Couplets: London’s collaborative poetry & art series

Couplets: Apocalypse!
Thursday September 27, 2018
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.; Doors open at 6 p.m.
Free Admission with donations ($5 suggested) going to the artists.

All things end. Great things end with style. Weird things end with camp, artistico-gladiatorial combat, and profound revelation.

The series finale of Couplets features collaboration and competition among six HIGHLY destructive artists from London and beyond.

Jess “Feelings” Taylor —&— “Did” Jenny “do thaaat?” Berkel

Faith “Is Watching You” Patrick —&— Angie “Takes Your Money & Moves On” Quick

Jason “Ain’t No” Dickson —&— Kevin “Can’t Stop the Slop” Heslop

Free event. Cash bar & book table. All donations go to performers. All the info you could ever want at

What is Couplets?

Two poets (or a poet & an artist of another stripe) are locked in mortal struggle/collegial mentorship for an entire month, plotting an evening of responses, renga, duets, live interview, disciplinary crossbreeding, shouting match, elaborate period-costume satire, and utterly net-less poetic tennis. For one night only, they present this collaboration to you. Live! In full colour and surround-sound! Free admission. Cash bar & book table. All donations go to the collaborators.

Facebook: @CoupletsSeries
Twitter: @CoupletsSeries