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Prints, Plates and Presses

  Prints, Plates and Presses: Printmaking techniques and printing methods for teens ages 14-18 This course provides a thorough introduction to the techniques of printmaking using linoleum cut, mono-print, blind embossing and dry point methods. Students will create multiple print … Continue reading

Awesome Prints

  Awesome Prints: Introduction to printmaking for youth ages 9-13 Students will learn how to create print images and explore printing methods by hand and on the printing press. Classes will include the basics of relief, mono-print, and stamping. Through … Continue reading

Small Hands, Big Prints

  Small Hands, Big Prints: Printmaking by hand for children ages 5 – 8 Does your child like to get their hands dirty? Students will learn the basic techniques of printing by hand and the tools of great art using … Continue reading