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Fanshawe’s 2018 Graduate Exhibition

April 4 – 14, 2018

Opening Reception:
Saturday April 7,  7 – 10 p.m.

MIXTAPE features the thirteen students in this year’s graduating class of the Fanshawe Fine Art Advanced Diploma Program. During the three years of this program, the students have progressed from foundation studies to independent studio, constructing an individual art practice and art community in tandem with their studies. MIXTAPE presents peers united in their diversity and support for each other and their artwork, consisting of drawing, painting, sculpting, installation, printmaking, photography, and performance. Intelligent and humorous, quiet and loud, political and aesthetic, individual and cultural, these young artists exhibit their challenges and successes and seek audiences to engage.

Graduating Students
Anthony Difazio
Cailean Forder
Monica Grunwald
Memengwaans Ireland
Avalon McLaughlin
Dana Mero
Roseanne Oliver
Johny Pham
Tommy Pham
Samantha Picken
Hanna Storms
William Tillmann
Shannon Williston